Who is Home Heating Service?

We are a local family owned and operated company that has been serving the Colorado Springs area since the late 1980’s. You’ll find technicians, some that have been with us for decades, who have a strong desire to make their community proud. The owners still come to work every day (unless they’re watching their grandchildren) and if you have a problem you can reach them, unlike many “investment groups” masquerading as local companies today.

Why should we choose you for our heating, cooling and water heating/treatment needs?

Simply, it starts with our slogan, “We Listen, We Solve”. This is ingrained in our staff from the very beginning of their journey with us. We understand that your HVAC systems can cause many frustrations and our goal is to be part of that solution for you. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their home!

What is your service charge to diagnose my problem?

Our service charge is $110. This includes the trip to your home, a thorough diagnosis of your system and, if needed, quoting your repairs. There are some repairs we’ll take care of at no additional charge but if your system does require something more you will always receive a no obligation upfront price from us. In addition, your service call is always warrantied for 30 days in case any other issues arise. We also warranty any repair we do for one year, so you can rest easy knowing you are covered and the problem has been fixed.

$110!? That’s like, $80 more than this other company!

This is very true! Remember, our service charge is a legitimate diagnosis. We employ qualified technicians who are trained and understand how to fix your system. In cases where companies are charging significantly less, their goal is strictly to get into your home and present you with a high pressure sales proposal to replace your equipment. This is in stark contrast to our philosophy in that we want what is best for you. Our technicians are paid appropriately and do not have to rely on selling you anything in order to get a paycheck.

What if I just want new equipment?

Thumb up!Great news! All of our estimates for new equipment are provided to you at no charge and no obligation. We have a great lineup of equipment to choose from and even lots of it in stock at our warehouse! We’ll help you find a solution that fits your budget and equipment that keeps you comfortable year round.

Centurion Award

Centurion Award

These first quality Dealers are community leaders who embody the Lennox brand promise in their market. These winning Dealers set the standard in their market for customer service and installation quality and execute an annual plan that drives growth and profitability through a foundation of employee development and training. Lennox is proud to honor these dealers with the prestigious Centurion Award

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