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    If you need swamp cooler installation in Colorado Springs, CO, to keep your house cool during summer, the Home Heating Service Inc. is at your service. In Colorado Springs, temperatures vary between 20 degrees to 84 degrees. With temperatures rising in June and early September, it will be ideal to get a swamp cooler. Whether you live near Elbert, Glen Eagle or Green Mountain Falls, we will show up at your home to provide professional swamp cooler installation, repair or maintenance services.

    Expert Swamp Cooler Installation in Colorado Springs

    At Home Heating Service, we understand that high temperatures can make your living space uncomfortable. Your home is the one place you go to after a long day at work. Perhaps you have resorted to working from home to protect yourself and your family against the COVID-19 pandemic. So you decide that getting an evaporative cooler is the only way to cool your home. Here are the benefits of swamp coolers:

    Energy Efficient Swamp Coolers

    Having an appliance that works perfectly without consuming too much power is every homeowner’s dream. Swamp coolers work by drawing warm moisture from the atmosphere to lower your home’s temperature. Unlike a traditional air conditioner, swamp coolers consume very little energy, saving you money.
    Provides value for money

    Besides lower operational costs, swamp coolers come at a fraction of the price of a traditional cooler when it comes to buying and installation costs. For an appliance that costs less yet it works effectively even in large spaces, it is no wonder most Colorado Springs homeowners who want value for money are upgrading to these cooling units.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Swamp coolers have a simple design and fewer movable parts that do not need complicated assembling and installation. Our experts understand the type of unit your home needs, which is why you can trust to guide you on what is ideal for your home. Since you want to get value for your investment, you can rely on us to conduct professional swamp cooler installation and maintenance service on a budget.

    We also install swamp coolers in:

    Install a Swamp Cooler Today!

    Like any other appliance that consumes electricity, a swamp cooler can work effectively and efficiently only when installed by an expert. Here is why you need us:
    Professional advice

    Cooling appliances keep evolving, meaning a traditional cooler might not be suitable for you. We are ready to offer professional advice regarding the top brands and what type of swamp cooler you need for your home. Thanks to our 8-decade experience in the heating and cooling industry in Colorado Springs, we strive to make homeowners get value for their money by investing in quality-assuring swamp coolers. Call us now to request the best swamp cooler installation.

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