Adding Insulation To Your Home?

Living Room Need InsulationA drafty home, rooms that are too hot or too cold, and high energy bills are all common issues for homeowners, but it might not always be your furnace needing repair. A quality installation of a new heating or air conditioning system, adding more insulation, and sealing air ducts may all fix part of the problem independently. But the way to better results is through an integrated “whole-house” approach that looks at your house as a system. The way we can accomplish this is through a Home Energy Audit. An energy audit will pin point all the major leaks and problems in your home so we can advise you on how to create a tighter, more efficient place to live.

During a home insulation consultation, we would look at:

Proper Sizing of Equipment

Installing the right size equipment for the home is essential to getting the best performance and comfort. Many homeowners believe that bigger is better when buying new heating and cooling equipment. But in reality, a system that’s too large will not keep your home comfortable because of frequent ‘on/off’ cycling. Incorrect sizing can also put stress on system components and shorten the equipment’s life. Our qualified Comfort Consultant or Technician can perform a heat load calculation to determine the right size system for your home.


Insulation levels are very important in your home, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also keeps you from losing your precious money spent heating or cooling your home by trapping all that energy in your home and not letting it escape outside. Our comprehensive observations will tell you your current levels of insulation in your attic, walls and floor, and even offer suggestions on dense packing external walls with insulation if necessary.

Sealing Ducts

Most ducts are very leaky (i.e. more than 20% of the air moving through the system is leaking into spaces you do not want heated or cooled) we use a use sealant (mastic) and metal-backed (foil) tape or an aerosol sealant to seal the seams and connections of ducts. Your Comfort Consultant or HVAC technician can determine if duct sealing is best for your home.

Proper Refrigerant Charge (Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Only)

A properly charged system will operate more efficiently and help prolong the life of the heating and cooling system. To ensure the system has the correct amount of refrigerant we must test and confirm that the system is properly charged. If the system is not properly charged we will make the appropriate adjustment by adding or removing refrigerant.

Optimizing Air Flow

If air flow in your heating and cooling system is too high or too low, you may confront problems and higher utility bills. We can test air flow and make any needed adjustments for optimal performance.

Remember to also regularly change your air filter and have your system maintained and tuned up by a qualified technician yearly for best performance.
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