Home Energy Audits in Colorado Springs, COHome Heating Service, Inc. offers property owners home energy audits in Colorado Springs, CO. You may believe your home is properly sealed and has the right type of electrical panel and appliances. However, looks can be deceiving, and your energy bill may tell a different story. When indoor air is allowed to escape through windows, doors, and attic spaces, your costs can rise rapidly. Don’t allow energy waste to occur on your property. Our company can provide a detailed energy audit to help you understand how your home is truly operating.

Have you noticed how rapidly your home loses conditioned air? You pay for any cold or heated air that escapes and is never used by you. An energy audit can identify where the air leaks are and how this problem is draining your wallet. We’d be happy to show you how important an audit can be for your comfort and finances.

Colorado Springs Home Energy Audits

High utility bills, drafty rooms, and uneven heating and cooling are all signs of poor energy efficiency in the home. Our team of qualified heating and cooling technicians can address your concerns with a home energy audit. We find poor insulation and faulty ventilation are often behind efficiency problems. Technicians will use a number of tools to uncover the truth about your home. These include digital pressure gauges, computer-generated heat gain and loss calculations, and thermal imaging cameras. Our audit services are Energy Star approved and affordable.

The audits can help reduce your impact on the surroundings by upgrading old appliances, fixing air leakage, and using less electricity. Since your home has lost its insulation and energy efficiency over the years, it’s wise to know when energy audits are necessary.

Do you know about the value of conducting an energy audit?
  • Find carbon monoxide dangers and safety issues
  • Identify energy-draining electronics
  • Improve overall energy efficiency
  • Locate hidden air leaks
  • Reduce annual energy costs
Colorado Springs Home Energy Audits

Once we have completed the testing process, we’ll provide professional guidance about the best solutions for your floor plan. Your home’s heating and cooling performance doesn’t have to be costly. Correctly sealing and insulating your home can solve many of the problems we see during energy auditing services.

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Complete Residential Energy Audit Service

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