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Colorado Springs Home Energy Audits

A New Approach to a Better Home!!

  • House Drafty?
  • High Utility Bills?
  • Uneven Temperatures?

Test…..Don’t Guess!

If your home is energy inefficient because of poor ventilation, poor insulation, or is very uncomfortable due to hot or cold spots and leaky duct work, an Energy Audit on your home may be of great value.

With our testing equipment which includes a computerized blower door, digital pressure gauge, thermal imaging camera, and computerized heat loss/gain calculations, our Energy Star approved audits will determine:

  • Air leakage rates and sources
  • Infiltration
  • Ascertain safety, back drafting, or carbon monoxide dangers
  • Efficiency, performance, and sizing of current heating and cooling equipment
  • Proper air flow
  • Poor or missing insulation
  • Moisture issues and insect infestations
Once testing has concluded, we will provide a computerized print-out and thermal image pictures taken of problem areas in the home complete with recommendations for improvements and energy saving tips. After following these recommendations, our customers definitely benefit from lower energy costs and a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment!
Our auditors are:

  • BPI (Building Performance Institute) Trained
  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Certified
  • Home Performance by Energy Star Certified

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