Energy Efficient Heating Service Colorado Springs: What is Green Comfort?

Green Comfort LogoNot only are we the Heating Service Colorado Springs can trust, we’re also very environmentally conscious. Green Comfort isn’t just a fancy term, it’s our philosophy.

When we recommend high efficient equipment, insulation or other home efficiency upgrades, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it, we follow the same recommendations. Full recycling of old equipment and trash, fuel efficient Toyota Prius vehicles, automatic lighting in our office with occupancy sensors, insulated building envelope, and high efficient equipment at our own office, we believe in Green Comfort.

Home Heating Service Efficiency Vehicles

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

We switched our efficiency and comfort consultant’s vehicles from fuel guzzling, 17MPG trucks to Fuel Efficient Hybrid Toyota Prius vehicles at over 50MPG. This saves approximately 13,000 gallons of gas and offsets over 180 metric tons of CO2 over the average length of time that we keep vehicles in service.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Energy Efficient Equipment

We designed and built our warehouse and office facility with efficiency in mind. We have the latest equipment installed, 98% efficient furnaces and High Efficient Heat Pump systems for our heating and cooling.

Come by our shop today to see and hear them in action!