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When it comes to heating repairs, boiler installation, etc there are several different configurations and styles of boilers and boiler systems to think about.

Some examples are:

  • Hot water (hydronic)
  • Steam
  • Gravity (no pumps)
  • Zoned
  • Baseboard
  • Radiant floors
  • Radiators (Older homes)

Most residential boilers here in Colorado Springs are of the gas fired hot water type using a zoned baseboard distribution system. Steam boilers are still used in some of the older homes.

  • Boilers should be periodically drained, flushed, refilled and bled (air removal).
  • Some pumps and motors require oiling at regular intervals.
  • Burners should be cleaned and checked for proper combustion and efficiency.
  • Controls need to be checked for correct temperature settings and safety.
  • Vents should be checked for proper operation and safe conditions.
Below is a brief listing of the boilers we offer. This is not a complete list. Contact us for more information!


  • 50,000 – 399,000 Btu/Hr
  • 95% AFUE Efficiency
  • Up to 98.6% Low Temp Application Efficiency
  • ENERGY STAR® Compliant
  • Condensing Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger


As the leader in condensing technology, Navien has already reinvented the water heating industry with the NCB combi-boilers. The new NHB boiler series is the next in line of innovations from Navien. All NHB boilers have Navien’s advanced burner system, an industry-leading AFUE of 95% and turn down ratios up to 15:1. Now available in four sizes NHB‑55, NHB‑80, NHB‑110 and NHB‑150.



The Laars MINI-THERM residential hydronic boiler features energy efficiency to minimize utility bills, compact construction, quiet operation , and above all, the ability to deliver consistent warmth when outside temperatures plummet.

Proven in residential applications worldwide , the MINI-THERM’s advanced technology was developed for long life and dependability. The heat exchanger’s finned copper tubes provide unbeatable heat transfer with consistent efficiency throughout its long operating life.

Laars Mini Term


  • High Efficiency Energy Star Models Available (up to 95% AFUE)
  • Single Stage to fully Modulating Boilers (Down to 20% Capacity)
  • 12-15 Year Heat Exchanger Warranties
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty* (May require product registration)
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