Why is My Heat Pump So Loud?

September 25, 2019

A heat pump can be a great choice for many homeowners as it provides both heating and cooling to your home. If this is the first time you’ve had a heat pump, you may be surprised at some of the noises it makes. Here are a few of the most common types of sounds you will hear.

Noises While Starting up or Shutting Down

Heat pumps can be noisy when they are starting up or shutting down. When you are used to a quietly running furnace, these noises can be startling. Clicking and tapping sounds when starting up are normal for a heat pump. It may also sound like the entire unit is bouncing around. The technicians at Home Heating Service, Inc. in Colorado Springs can tell you if the sounds you are hearing are normal or indicative of a problem.

Metal to Metal Sounds

If you hear a sound like metal hitting metal, you may want to stop the unit and inspect it. The fans inside the unit could be hitting against a foreign object or against a tube. It is important to stop the fans and remove anything that could damage these blades. A ruined fan is an expensive repair, so if you can stop it and remove the obstruction, you can save yourself some money.

Buzzing, Gurgling, and Shrieking Sounds

A buzzing sound coming from your heat pump is usually normal. The internal coils and other parts can make a buzzing sound as they run. A gurgling sound could be due to low refrigerant, so if you hear this sound check the level of refrigerant. If your motor bearings get dirty, you may hear a high-pitched shrieking sound. This is not a normal sound and will warrant a call to your HVAC technician at once.

No matter the type of sounds you hear, the technicians at Home Heating Service, Inc. can help you. Sometimes they will be able to explain over the phone what the sound is. Other times may warrant a service call. We offer heating, cooling, water heater repair, water heater installations, and indoor air quality services. Give Home Heating Service, Inc. in Colorado Springs a call today for more information.