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    Swamp Coolers in Fountain, COSwamp coolers in Fountain, CO are beneficial to have, particularly on hot summer days. Swamp coolers are different from a normal air conditioner because they blow air through wet material, adding more moisture to the air. Swamp coolers are best used in areas with low humidity. There are many benefits to having a swamp cooler installed in your home compared to your traditional air conditioning unit.

    Swamp Cooler Installation in Fountain

    Swamp cooler installation is only available in some areas by some companies due to the different ways of circulating air and the fact that they are better used in areas with low humidity.

    Swamp coolers, just like any air conditioner, do require some regular maintenance. However, they require less maintenance than most air conditioners. They mostly need to just be filled up with water occasionally and the pads need to be changed every now and again.

    Swamp coolers tend to be quieter than most air conditioners. Usually the noise from an air conditioning unit is caused by the chemicals being converted from a liquid to a gas in the converter. Swamp coolers don’t have this need so they make less noise than your traditional air conditioner.

    Most air conditioners have chemicals that have CO2 emissions, releasing harmful chemicals into the air and your environment. Since swamp coolers only use water, they don’t have a need for these chemicals.

    Here are the benefits of having a swamp cooler over a normal air conditioning unit:

    • Easy maintenance
    • Less noise
    • More eco-friendly

    Swamp Cooler Installation by Home Heating Service, Inc.

    Swamp Cooler Installation in FountainHome Heating Service, Inc. located in Fountain are best known for our services involving installation of heating and cooling units. We have been serving our customers happily since 1988. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also have various programs to help serve our community and have been an Angi Super Service Award Winner. These key features allow us to continue to bring services into the homes of the people in Fountain, providing them with both heating and cooling systems that are most beneficial to their homes. Our experts care about your safety, health, and satisfaction.

    If you are looking for services to install a swamp cooler in the Fountain area, call us today. We would be happy to serve you in your home and provide you with one of the most beneficial air conditioning units for your home and the environment.

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