Get Smart and Replace Your Traditional Thermostat With a Smart Thermostat

September 26, 2018

Take it from the air conditioner repair pros: In a world filled with smartphones, smart TVs, and various smart appliances, it is time to consider replacing your traditional home thermostat with a smart thermostat. “You may ask yourself, “why do I need a smart thermostat when the one I have used for years works just fine?” That is a good question, so read on to discover the benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats Give Total Control For Your Homes Climate

The most common thing you probably hear about smart thermostats is that they save you money. That is true, they help you spend less by reducing your energy usage, but you also have more control of your energy usage. You can use virtually any device that’s connected to the internet, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, to control the thermostat. For example, if you are on your way to the airport for your much-needed vacation when you realize you forgot to adjust the thermostat, you can log into the app from your phone and set it to “vacation mode.” Now, you can enjoy your vacation without the worry of wasting money and energy.

Smart Thermostat Apps

With a smart thermostat, you will have the option to download and use some companion apps. By downloading an alert app, you can be notified via text or email if your home becomes too hot or cold. For instance, while you are enjoying the warm weather on your vacation, you will be notified of a temperature drop in your home when a winter weather system moves through. You can then remotely adjust the temperature, protecting your pipes from freezing.

Monitor Your Energy Use

With most smart thermostats, you can monitor your energy usage and receive helpful tips on how to save energy through the app. If you choose a thermostat that offers these useful reports, you can also keep an eye on your usage to help you prepare financially for those months that demand energy spikes. Some reports will include potential system failures, or send special maintenance reports.

Increasing Your Homes Comfort

Knowing just the temperature is not always enough. You can get an accurate reading of the humidity levels outdoors since your smart thermostat communicates with sensors outside. Humidity levels can affect the body’s comfort level even if the temperature seems set at a cozy degree. Being aware of the humidity level can help you determine whether to decrease or increase the set temperature in your home.

Most likely, your traditional thermostat cannot do any of these things. By installing a smart thermostat, you can cut back on energy, save money, and have the most comfortable indoor environment than ever before.