Questions First Time Furnace Buyers Should Ask

October 15, 2019

Buying a furnace for the first time is not as simple as heading down to your local dealer and picking one out. There are a few questions you should answer beforehand so that you can choose a furnace that is ideal for keeping your home warm and healthy.

What Types of Furnaces Are There?

Start off by asking yourself what type of fuel you prefer for your furnace. Furnaces vary based on the fuel they use to produce heat. Oil furnaces have been common for decades and contemporary models are very economical. Electrical furnaces lose very little energy when converting electricity to heat, while natural gas furnaces can heat your home for 50% less than electrical ones.

What Is the Efficiency of the Furnace You’re Buying?

Furnace efficiency is stated using a rating known as annual fuel utilization efficiency, abbreviated as AFUE. This rating is used for denoting the percentage of fuel that the furnace converts to heat. You can expect to find AFUE values between 80% and 98.5%

How Large a Furnace Should You Purchase?

Deciding on the size of your furnace is not something you can do by guessing on your own. A knowledgeable heating professional should be consulted, as you do not want to choose a furnace that is either too large or too small for your home. This could lead to a shorter lifespan for your new furnace and a costly lack of efficiency.

How Is the Installation Cost Determined?

Depending on how large a furnace you purchase and what type of fuel it uses, the installation cost will vary. When arriving at what furnace you want to purchase, you should ask for a quote for installation from a reputable expert.

How Should You Account for Maintenance?

Having regular maintenance performed on your furnace is essential to prolonging its life and keeping your home warm and safe. The best option is to arrange for a maintenance plan with your local heating professional.

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