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    Mobile home furnace maintenance in Peyton, CO shouldn’t be considered an optional step if owners want to stay comfortable all winter in a hassle-free, worry-free manner. A mobile home furnace tune-up from Home Heating Service, Inc. only takes about an hour or two. However, it can save you hours of distress by preventing the system from breaking down in the future or leaving you with only lukewarm air.

    Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance in Peyton, CO

    Furnaces for mobile homes are naturally smaller and heat a smaller space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re more efficient or more long-lasting. At the most, these furnaces can last you a good 15 years, compared to the 20 years that a furnace in a traditional home can achieve. Therefore, you want those 15 years to be the best possible. Only a yearly tune-up can help in this regard.

    Peyton Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    Whether you own an oil, gas, or electric furnace, you can easily find a professional company to take on the maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule the visit for the autumn, before the cold really begins to set in.

    As for what the visit will entail, it’s not much different from a furnace tune-up in a traditional home. The heating technician will provide a visual inspection of the system, taking note of any issues and determining whether they can be fixed at that moment or on a future day.

    There are several possible issues that may be identified:
    • A clogged air filter
    • Dirty coils and heat exchanger
    • A yellow pilot light
    • A frayed blower belt

    Other issues, such as a cracked heat exchanger, can endanger your life and would need immediate attention. The technician would be able to handle the minor issues then and there, recommending repairs in the report that you receive at the end of the visit.

    Peyton Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    The technician could also calibrate the thermostat, which would otherwise misread your indoor temperature. The tune-up should also cover things like an electrical wiring check, a start-up check, and airflow testing.

    Mobile Home Furnace Tune-Up

    Many Peyton residents rely on Home Heating Service, Inc. for their mobile home furnace tune-up. Our office staff is quick to respond to calls and can easily fit customers into the business schedule. Sign up for our Comfort Club maintenance plan, and you’ll get biannual tune-ups together with great benefits like priority customer care, zero overtime charges, and a 10% parts and service discount. All makes and models of furnaces are welcome.

    To ask any questions on our mobile home furnace maintenance in Peyton, contact Home Heating Service, Inc. today!