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    If you decide to request mobile home furnace maintenance in Monument, CO, you’ll quickly see how beneficial it is. Our experts at Home Heating Service, Inc. would recommend a mobile home furnace tune-up every autumn so that homeowners are prepared for the winter months. Without it, they risk a breakdown and might have to endure the cold until a repair technician arrives.

    Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance in Monument, CO

    There are many other benefits as well. Keeping the furnace clean and its parts adjusted will allow for smooth operation. The furnace will take less time and energy to do its job, and this will have a positive impact on your monthly utility bill. It will also minimize wear and tear so that you won’t find yourself requesting so many repairs throughout the year. In addition, a well-maintained furnace lasts a lot longer. With good maintenance, heating equipment in a mobile home can function properly for up to 15 years.

    Monument Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    When our technicians from Home Heating Service, Inc. perform a tune-up, they go through all the components to ensure that they are clean, functional, and in good condition. The main objective is to optimize the performance of your equipment and prolong its useful life, but there is a very important additional benefit. A thorough inspection allows us to discover any lurking issues before they turn into major problems. This will save you money by avoiding future repairs.

    A professional tune-up of your furnace will include all of the following:
    • Replacing the air filer
    • Cleaning the coil
    • Lubricating the moving parts
    • Inspecting the safety systems
    • Tightening electrical wiring

    Our heating technicians can provide numerous adjustments and repairs during the tune-up, including thermostat calibration and wiring replacement. Calibrating the thermostat is necessary if you want the device to accurately read the indoor temperature.

    Monument Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    Replacing frayed wiring is always important because that eliminates a potential fire hazard. As for repairs that won’t be covered by the tune-up, you can schedule these for later after consulting with the technician. You’ll receive a full report of everything that was done and any recommendations.

    Mobile Home Furnace Tune-Up Professionals


    Home Heating Service, Inc. has been serving the Monument vicinity since 1988, and one of our specialties is traditional and mobile home furnace maintenance. Your schedule may be packed, but we’ll be flexible. Once you hire us, you’ll receive the work of NATE-certified technicians.

    Our family-owned and -operated company is committed to your satisfaction, so call us at Home Heating Service, Inc. today for mobile home furnace maintenance in Monument.