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    Every year, you should be requesting mobile home furnace maintenance in Manitou Springs, CO. Once you know what the benefits of a mobile home furnace tune-up are, you’ll see just why our experts recommend it so much. On one hand, homeowners should be doing some things themselves: changing the air filter every 90 days, for instance. On the other hand, there are a host of other tasks that only a professional could handle. Though your furnace may be smaller than those you find in traditional homes, it still needs to be cared for, or it may not run for the full 15 or so years that it should.

    Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance in Manitou Springs, CO

    Maintenance can cause a furnace to live long by freeing it of issues that wear it down. At the same time, it makes most repairs unnecessary and will do a lot to prevent breakdowns in particular. Because a well-maintained furnace does it job with a minimum of energy waste, you may notice a decrease in your monthly bill. Besides that, whatever warranty you have on your system, you’ll likely need a tune-up for it to be honored.

    Manitou Springs Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    A furnace in a mobile home may present special challenges to a technician, but mobile home furnace maintenance is virtually identical to that for traditional homes in Manitou Springs. You’ll have your filter replaced, the coils cleaned, and the thermostat calibrated.

    The technician may also check for:
    • Old or loose electrical wiring
    • Out-of-balance parts
    • Water leaks
    • Cracks in the heat exchanger

    A lot of these issues, if left alone during the year, can endanger your health and safety. The tune-up could also cover an airflow inspection and a start-up check because you want the furnace to start up efficiently and the air to blow out strongly. If the tune-up uncovers a major issue, one of our heating technicians will likely advise you to schedule a separate repair appointment. You’ll have a maintenance report to go by when making your decision later on.

    Manitou Springs Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    Mobile Home Furnace Tune-Up Services


    Established in 1988, Home Heating Service, Inc. is a trusted source for maintenance in Manitou Springs. It won’t take us long to travel to your mobile home. Though we recommend furnace maintenance in the fall, our schedule is flexible no matter the season. With us, you get the warm, personalized care of a family-run business together with the detailed work of NATE-certified technicians. We have BBB accreditation and an A+ rating.

    Our office staff at Home Heating Service, Inc. is ready to answer all of your questions, so call at your earliest convenience! We offer the best mobile home furnace maintenance in Manitou Springs.