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    You should strongly consider mobile home furnace maintenance in Fountain, CO, especially if your system is relatively new and has years of life ahead of it. A mobile home furnace tune-up from Home Heating Service, Inc. can do more than ensure that the system performs for the expected 15 years.

    Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance in Fountain, CO

    It can save you money in the short term by cutting down on repair needs and possibly lower your monthly energy bill. You won’t need to deal as much with common issues like short-cycling, lukewarm air, and low air pressure. Though there’s the up-front cost to think about, a tune-up won’t take up much of your time as it can be completed in under two hours.

    Fountain Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    Your furnace is smaller than the ones you’ll find in a traditional home, but that doesn’t mean that it can make do with less attention. In fact, mobile home furnaces don’t last as long as others, so you want to schedule maintenance to get the most out of it.

    Maintenance involves a visual inspection, a cleaning, and other small tasks like:
    • Air filter replacement
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Electrical wiring replacement
    • Parts lubrication

    How important these tasks are should be readily apparent. Filters need replacing every 90 days or perhaps sooner in homes with pets or with people who smoke. The thermostat must be calibrated, or else it will misread the temperature and cause the furnace to switch on or off when it shouldn’t. Old or loose wiring is a fire hazard, and parts that aren’t lubricated can lead to overheating.

    Fountain Mobile Home Furnace Maintenance

    There’s usually more. One of our heating technicians will check for proper start-up and airflow as well as look for any gas leaks, especially within the heat exchanger. If the adjustments and repairs performed during the tune-up fail to cover all the issues, our technician will recommend that you schedule a separate appointment. You’ll get a detailed report of the findings once everything is done.

    Mobile Home Furnace Tune-Up Company

    NATEHome Heating Service, Inc. is a trusted source for mobile home furnace maintenance in Fountain. Our location means you can rely on us for a quick response to your call. Our NATE-certified technicians can perform a tune-up for any make or model of furnace. You’ll be pleased to know about our Comfort Club maintenance plan; it gives you biannual tune-ups together with a slew of benefits. For example, if you need a repair in between maintenance visits, we’ll discount it by 10%. If we go overtime, you won’t get charged. And you’ll be a priority customer every time.

    Get ahold of us at Home Heating Service, Inc. today to schedule your mobile home furnace tune-up in Fountain!