Lower Your Energy Bills With these Summertime AC Tips

September 26, 2018

When it comes to air conditioning summer is a time of increased usage in both homes and businesses and this is reflected in higher costs — often as much as half of power bills during summer months. That’s a good reason to explore and initiate proven means of cutting back on air conditioning usage with the aim of lowering home cooling costs during Summer.

Fortunately, the task is not formidable. There are many ways to lower air conditioning costs. Chief among them is scheduling an AC checkup, preferably prior to the onset of summer. Just the act of making sure the A/C filter is not clogged can result in as much as a 15% savings. Remember though that an air conditioner older than 10 years may be a good candidate for replacement.

As simple as it may seem adjusting the thermostat just a few degrees can result in considerable savings. It has been reported that setting the thermostat to 76˚F instead of 75˚F might save you as much as 15% in costs, and raising the setting to 80˚F when you’re not at home will save you even more. Another simple way to lower your overall air conditioning costs includes the use of sun shades, Venetian blinds or curtains that are made of light colored fabrics on windows, particularly those found in sunny rooms.

Leaving some windows open during nighttime hours, if practical from a safety standpoint, can enhance cross ventilation and help to circulate fresh outside air which may be cooler than the air inside, especially in cooler climates. The same goes for utilizing fans in selected rooms. Ceiling fans in particular offer a high rate of savings—as much as 40% in some instances. This is a great way to realize substantial savings in energy costs when combined with raising the thermostat settings in your home.

Last but not least are retrofit options in your home’s construction such as ensuring tight ducts and air barriers and installing higher rated insulation. Just the simple application of installing solar screens, shading, or glazing on windows have been reported to capture as much as 70% of energy from sunlight before it even has a chance to enter the home.

If you want to lower your energy costs during summer months then take advantage of most if not all of the options above.