Keeping Your Home Cool During Vacation

July 27, 2021
AC Vacation Setting in Colorado Springs, CO

When it’s time for vacation you may wonder if and how you should cool your home while you’re gone. Believe it or not, when the heat is on, your home is vulnerable. Keeping it at a reasonable temperature could prevent you from coming back home to a disaster. Home Heating Service, Inc. knows all about beating the heat and what to do to help you return to a home that is just how you left it.

There are few factors that go into how warm or cold you should keep your home. Obviously, you want to save money while you’re away, but you should also consider the climate the things inside your home requires.

Why Set Your Thermostat

The biggest reason to cool your home while you’re away this summer is that days of heat and low circulation could have horrible effects. If your house slips into a state of hot humidity, it could damage your home’s surfaces, floors, and furniture. Keeping it at a reasonable temperature will help prevent bubbles and cracks from popping up in unwanted places.

While you’re soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach, your house is doing the same. When you return, your system would otherwise have to battle to cool a home that has become heated for days. It’s more energy-efficient to keep your home at a steady degree and allow your system to have an easier time returning your home to a comfortable temperature when you come back.

What Temperature to Choose

The actual temperature you should set for your home varies on how hot it will be during your vacation days. Ideally, you want to have your AC on for a few hours a day. That’ll ensure that your temperature is regulated while keeping your costs to a minimum.

The best course of action is to prepare for the upcoming days by knowing the temperatures during the days you are gone. You should set your thermostat a few degrees below the daily high, allowing your house to remain in a semi-cool state. Of course, if there is extreme heat, you may want to adjust accordingly lower.

Keep Your Pets in Mind

Depending on what pets you have roaming around, you will definitely have to adjust for their needs. Even if you have someone coming by to care for them, you want to make sure your home never becomes too warm or cold.

Ask your veterinarian about your critters’ comfortable temperatures. They will let you know the upper and lower you should set your thermostat. If you choose to have your house warmer than you usually would if you were there, be sure to provide plenty of water for your animal to drink.

Programmable Thermostats

Traditionally, thermostats require you to enter a set temperature for your cooling system to meet. While these thermostats will do the job just fine while you’re away, there is a better option. It helps a great deal to have a thermostat that you can program to adjust to different temperatures at different times. With a programmable thermostat, the process of cooing your home on vacation becomes a lot easier.

With a modern thermostat, you can check and change your home’s temperature wherever you are. A time block of cooling for just a few hours a day can make a world of difference. In addition, a lot of them are Wi-Fi connected and will alert you if someone else has changed your temperature. It’s very helpful when you have someone house sitting or taking care of your pets.

Your Thermostat Experts

Keeping your home at a reasonable temperature while you’re away is important to the structure of your home. Be sure that your home is kept safe by keeping up with your AC maintenance. It’s unfortunate when things go wrong, but it prevents tragedies when an expert checks your system to ensure it’s running in the best shape possible.

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