Improved Air Quality Eliminates Static

April 9, 2019

Typically, a static electricity charge that you feel in your home is uncomfortable but not dangerous. The shock you get when you touch that doorknob or blanket is a message that the air in your house needs more moisture. Home Heating Service, Inc. is a specialist in indoor air quality and can help you control the static electricity in your Colorado Springs home.

Dry Colorado Air

The average wintertime relative humidity for the Colorado Springs area is around 40 percent. Furthermore, your heating system may be contributing to the drying of your indoor air. In the summer, average humidity drops into the mid-30s. A relative humidity rate of around 55 percent is where the average person feels most comfortable. You can see that a home in Colorado is going to naturally have dry air that needs to be humidified to maximize indoor air comfort.

A Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Plan

The best approach to controlling static electricity in your Colorado Springs home is with a thorough, encompassing indoor air quality check by the professionals at Home Heating Service, Inc.. We’ll evaluate every room in your home for humidity, radon, mold, and other organic particulates.

Following our testing and evaluations, we’ll consider:
  • Installing a humidifier
  • Use of an air filter
  • Cleaning ductwork
  • Sealing ductwork

You can also improve your comfort by growing green plants and wearing clothing from natural fibers. These steps have shown to reduce the static electricity that you experience.

Reliable Cooling and Heating Company in Colorado Springs

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