How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

June 21, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Colorado Springs

The summer months can get hot in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area. And if you ever find yourself without a properly working air conditioning system, you might think that you’re completely out of luck until you can get a new one installed. But if you find that you have to do without an air conditioner for a time, know that there are still some ways that you can keep your home cooler without the air conditioning system working.

Get Blackout Curtains

One of the major benefits of blackout curtains is that they block out light. But they also block out the heat that the light brings in. Blackout curtains are made of a material that is good at insulating the windows, so you can enjoy a cooler home.

Open the Windows at Night

During the evening hours, it’s going to cool off most nights throughout the summer. This is the best time to open your windows so that you can let some of the heat that accumulated inside the house escape throughout the night. Just make sure that you close the windows back up in the morning so that you don’t have to worry about the heat infiltrating your home right away.

Get Fans

No, fans don’t actually make the temperature of your house drop, but they can make the temperature more bearable. One of the reasons that humidity makes everything more uncomfortable is because the sweat on your skin can’t evaporate as quickly, which means that the heat in your body can’t escape as quickly. Fans speed up the evaporation process so that the heat leaves your body more quickly, making you feel cooler much more rapidly.

Buy a Miniature Cooling Device

There are a couple of options that you can go with in this category. There are some $20 options that freeze water vapor and blow it throughout a certain area to make that air temporarily cooler. This is a good option for people who are on a budget, and it might be right for particularly dry days. But if it’s humid out, the biggest drawback is that you can make your house too humid inside.

Change the Direction That Your Ceiling Fans Rotate

Many people don’t realize this, but in the summer, your ceiling fans should be rotating counterclockwise. Why? Because you’re trying to create a downdraft in the summer. But in the winter, you’re trying to create an updraft so that the warm air is circulated throughout the entire house. It has to do with the direction that the blades on fans are pointed, but if you want the cooling effect of getting air directly blown onto your skin, you want the counterclockwise direction.

Get Rid of Incandescent Lights

If you’ve stalled on switching to CFL lightbulbs, here’s some motivation to finally make the change. Incandescent lights waste about 90% of the energy by throwing it out as heat. This can really heat up the entire house. But if you switch to more efficient light bulbs, you’ll cut down on the amount of heat in the room.

Skip the Kitchen

When you don’t want to heat up the house, you need to skip cooking and baking in your kitchen. You’ll be able to keep the heat in the kitchen and the rest of the house down by making dinner on the grill.

Insulate Your Windows With Film

Just how insulation in the winter can keep warm air inside the home, window film in the summer will keep some of the heat out. It’s a fairly easy product to apply to your windows, and you’ll notice the difference the first day.

Make Long-Term Plans

If you would rather not run an air conditioner to save money on energy costs, you should take a look at some long-term ideas that you can implement. If you would rather not run a working air conditioner on days that are only slightly warm, you can keep even more heat out of your house by planting trees to shade the house.

When you need advice or a repair on your air conditioning system, talk to us at Home Heating Service, Inc.. We’re happy to get your air conditioner working, or we can install a brand new one for you. We have a range of services, in fact, including air and heating services.