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    Home Energy Audits in Monument, COThe home energy audits in Monument, CO that Home Heating Service, Inc. conducts provide a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption. The audits also provide opportunities or solutions to improve energy performance and efficiency in your home. If you want to know if your home in Monument is energy efficient, Home Heating Service, Inc. provides a professional energy audit. You can tell your home needs an energy audit if it’s old or you notice water stains, inability to maintain comfortable temperatures, and musty smells. You need an expert to help unearth the mysteries behind these signs and effectively solve them. An energy audit is vital in lowering energy bills, improving your health, and maintaining a comfortable home.

    Home Energy Audits in Monument

    Energy audits aim to know your home’s energy flow, find ways to lower energy input, and improve your safety, comfort, and health. If you realize temperature mismatches in your home, it may be time for an audit. Ductwork and thermostat problems need comprehensive solutions; thus, energy audits provide measures to ensure that you get an ideal fix. A faulty HVAC system tells you that you are due for an audit.

    HVAC systems lose efficiency as they age. Therefore, if yours is nearing its end of life, you need energy audits to understand how it affects your home’s comfort. Another way to tell when you need energy audits is teetering humidity levels. Dry air can cause respiratory issues and allergies, while steamy interior air signifies a problem with an HVAC’s moisture management. A sudden spike in energy bills should also alert you when you need an audit. Energy audits assist in identifying the areas in your home that require additional insulation and provide energy efficiency solutions.

    Here are possible measures to lower energy costs and improve energy efficiency:
    • Add insulation
    • Replace inefficient heating and cooling systems
    • Upgrade older appliances
    • Replace light bulbs
    Home Energy Audits in Monument
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    Professional Energy Audit Team

    EPA CertifiedDo you experience uneven temperatures or high utility bills? The professional heating and cooling technicians at Home Heating Service, Inc. can help understand the cause and provide solutions with the help of our energy audits in Monument. Our energy auditors use reliable testing equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera and digital pressure gauge. We detect air leakages and sources, infiltration, airflow problems, and moisture issues. Home Heating Service, Inc. has a team of EPA-certified and BPI-trained energy auditors. Once we complete the testing, our team will provide a computerized print-out and images of the problem areas in your home. We also discuss our recommendations with you and provide energy-saving tips.

    Do you want to know the energy state of your home? Call Home Heating Service, Inc. to schedule an energy audit in Monument today.