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    Home Energy Audits in Manitou Springs, COHome Heating Service, Inc. can help with home energy audits in Manitou Springs, CO to help you understand your home’s energy flow and consumption. Home Heating Service, Inc. conducts an energy audit that is useful in determining the areas where there’s energy loss in your Manitou Springs home. It helps to know where to curb power usage to save energy costs.

    An experienced energy auditor inspects your home while utilizing top-notch testing equipment to identify issues and analyze energy flow. Depending on your home’s size, the process might take a few hours. After the audit, the expert will recommend solutions to curb energy usage to keep your home comfortable and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

    Manitou Springs Home Energy Audits

    It’s advisable to do a home energy audit every two or three years to understand your energy consumption and ensure optimal efficiency and spending. The audit also analyzes safety and health issues in your home, providing an opportunity to enhance your comfort levels. Another great reason to audit your home’s energy situation is to get professional recommendations on ways to reduce utility bills.

    The energy auditor can recommend solutions, such as cleaning air ducts, upgrading appliances to energy-rated models, or changing appliance settings. You may also change wall insulation or replace worn weather stripping for energy efficiency. Energy audits help to save money on utility costs and reduce carbon footprint.

    The audits can help reduce your impact on the surroundings by upgrading old appliances, fixing air leakage, and using less electricity. Since your home has lost its insulation and energy efficiency over the years, it’s wise to know when energy audits are necessary.

    Is it time for energy audits? Check out the following signs.
    • High energy bills
    • Uneven temperature
    • Old HVAC system
    • Moisture or dryness
    Manitou Springs Home Energy Audits
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    Trusted Energy Audit Team

    Home Heating Service, Inc. provides a new approach to a better home in Manitou Springs. Do you experience uneven temperatures, house drafts, or high utility bills? Our team of energy auditors can help to unearth the reasons for uneven temperatures and high utility bills with our comprehensive energy audits. We use different and high-tech testing equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera, computerized blower door, and digital pressure gauge.

    EPA CertifiedHome Heating Service, Inc. provides thermal imaging photos and a computerized print-out after completing the energy audits. Our energy auditors are EPA-certified and BPI trained, making us a trustworthy heating and cooling company. Having been in the industry for several years, you can trust our professional recommendations on ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. You can trust Home Heating Service, Inc. to perform an energy audit in your home.

    Call Home Heating Service, Inc. today to schedule comprehensive home energy audits in Manitou Springs.