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Trusted Furnace Inspections and Maintenance

Lennox FurnaceMaximize furnace performance, efficiency, safety and your comfort by having us do a complete heating maintenance service on your equipment!

This includes a complete 31 point safety inspection and performance tune-up & cleaning including the following:
  • Electronic leak check for carbon monoxide (CO) and gas
  • Check for proper drafting of the chimney and vent
  • Check the proper operation of all safety switches, controls, motors and other components
  • Check gas pressure, air/fuel mixture, air speed and adjust for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Oil any motors that are necessary
  • Inspect, adjust and calibrate thermostat
  • Includes a complimentary Water Heater check and Humidifier inspection
  • Free standard disposable filter or cleaning of 1″ washable filter
  • Clean everything on the furnace that we can without any major dismantling (blower removal, heat exchanger, etc)
Furnace Tune Up

The cleaning portion of our inspection includes:
  • Use a variety of brushes, cleaning solutions and vacuum to clean
  • Most burners and burner chamber
  • Blower compartment
  • Controls, switches and wiring
  • Flame sensors
  • Pressure switch tubing and connections
  • Electrical connections
  • Regular service helps assure trouble free and economical operation of the furnace.
**If furnace requires dismantling, advanced diagnosis or parts, additional charges may apply.

For all your air conditioning and heating maintenance needs, trust the professionals at Home Heating Service, Inc.. We also offer dependable heating repair and installation services!

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