The Heat Up Colorado Program

September 26, 2018

Giving Back to The Community Through Furnace Replacement and Installation

The Heat Up Colorado program was developed to help our neighbors in need who don’t have heat to stay warm. The local HVAC contractor, Home Heating Service, Inc., asked for nominations where the selected nominee receives a fully installed, Lennox furnace for free. Jessica Anglin-Johnston was the nominee selected, and could have the Lennox furnace installed as part of this program. Lennox has selected 150 Lennox dealers in the United States and Canada to make sure people in other states and provinces are kept warm, too.

The Furnace Replacement Story

Jessica told Home Heating Service that the furnace they originally had was discontinued in the late 90’s and parts were no longer available to fix the furnace, meaning she didn’t have a functioning heating system and would need a full furnace replacement. Their single-income family didn’t have the financial means to replace it and repair was out of the question. “My husband works construction and the winters usually mean less work, which also means less money,” said Jessica. Since their house is so old, and they were unable to replace everything that stopped working, she often had to send her kids to spend the night with friends or family so they didn’t freeze during their sleep.

A Decision Was Made

After hearing Jessica’s story, Home Heating Service thought they were a perfect fit, and would benefit from a new heater installed. Kyle Gateley, owner of Home Heating, said, “We are a local dealer, and being local means, you’re committed to supporting your community and its people.” The Heat Up Colorado program was started in Wisconsin as a way for Lennox HVAC dealers to be able to give back to their community. “Everything is donated: the furnace, additional accessories, and equipment. Even our employees donate their time to install the furnace.” By donating their products and services, Home Heating Services, Inc. will increase their value in this community.