Gas vs Electric Furnaces

December 19, 2019

Gas Furnace Overview

Gas furnaces heat air by burning natural gas, which is more efficient than other energy sources. They then use a blower fan to force warm air to vents located in different rooms to create an even temperature throughout a living space. Heat pumps also sometimes use natural gas to create warm air. Gas furnaces are well-suited to colder climates because they can generate a large amount of heat in a short time.

Gas furnace pros:

  • Better suited to cold climates
  • Natural gas is usually less expensive
  • Can pair with an air conditioner or heat pump
  • Service life up to 20 years

Gas furnace cons:

  • More expensive to install and requires natural gas service
  • Possible safety issues caused by carbon monoxide
  • Noisier operation than an electric heating system
  • Requires more maintenance work

Gas vs Electric Furnaces

Electric Furnace Overview

Electric furnaces use the heat generated by electricity flowing through coils to create warm air. The air then travels into rooms throughout the building in the same way as gas furnaces. Electric heating is usually more wasteful than natural gas because of the large currents needed to generate enough heat, but this disadvantage is balanced by simpler installation and safer operation. You won’t need to worry about the safety issues caused by carbon monoxide.

Electric furnace pros:

  • Cheaper and simpler installation
  • Less maintenance required
  • Quiet operation without carbon monoxide hazard
  • Better suited to warmer climates

Electric furnace cons:

  • Slow heating isn’t suited to cold weather
  • Electricity can be more expensive
  • Less energy efficient

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