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What to Expect on Your Free Heating and Cooling Estimate

Once you have chosen Home Heating Service, Inc. to provide you with a bid/estimate on equipment and services* and scheduled a convenient appointment to meet with our Comfort Consultant, you have already done the hard part!

  • The estimate process is quick, easy, and painless.
  • The estimate/consultation is thorough and informative, but extremely LOW PRESSURE.
  • You control the length of the consultation through your questions, answers, and requests.
  • You needn’t worry about a thing!

An explanation of the estimate/bid process and what to expect as a consumer:

    Technician with Tools

  1. Upon arriving, our Comfort Consultant will conduct a brief interview to get an idea of your needs and concerns. It will involve a determination of how your existing equipment operates, your current comfort concerns, and any concerns you may have after the equipment has been replaced.
  2. A walk-through of the premises is conducted and an analysis of the mechanical room and the existing equipment is completed.
  3. Measurements of the existing equipment and surrounding area are obtained in order to help with sizing and availability of new equipment.
  4. After sizing, availability, and requirements are considered, the Comfort Consultant will explain the options on available equipment including the features and benefits and the operation of each brand and model desired.
  5. A ballpark price on equipment may be discussed to help you decide on additional features and accessories which may be of interest to you.
  6. Our Comfort Consultant may complete a Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculation either on site or off site (due to time constraints). This calculation is done to properly size the equipment to be installed. Improper sizing (too large or too small) will have ADVERSE EFFECTS on the operation of your new equipment.
  7. You will receive a well laid out written proposal with all equipment and accessory options, financing (with approved credit), and payment options, and warranty options listed.
  8. You will receive an explanation of our installation process from start to finish.
  9. We will follow up with you and answer any questions that may arise.
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*Free estimates are for new equipment installation only, for repairs or other service items, please call us or visit our repair pages.