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    Even though modern fireplaces are clean and efficient, you still need regular gas fireplace maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO. A routine tune-up can extend the life of your system and reduce the risk of frequent breakdowns. If you use the fireplace throughout fall and winter in Colorado Springs, schedule gas fireplace inspection annually.

    Colorado Springs’ Gas Fireplace Maintenance

    The best time to schedule maintenance is usually in the summer before the cold season starts. You can perform some tasks such as cleaning the fireplace with an appropriate cleaner and a soft cloth.

    As you wipe the glass, pay attention to signs of cracking or corrosion. Rusting and paint peeling off could be symptoms of operational faults in the system.

    A maintenance technician will arrive for the service with specialized tools to clean the internal components of your fireplace. Their expertise and experience enable them to spot issues at the earliest stages.

    Additionally, pet dander, dust, and grime can get stuck on parts of the fireplace. Debris can interfere with the combustion and venting system, causing safety concerns. Fireplace technicians have professional-grade vacuum cleaners that can eliminate dust without spreading it to other components.

    A gas fireplace technician will perform the following tasks for efficiency and safety. Our courteous staff can offer valuable insights on how to optimize your fireplace system.

    Colorado Springs' Gas Fireplace Maintenance

    • Inspect fireplace for leaks and cracks
    • Clean the interior of the fireplace
    • Test the gas ignition system
    • Inspect the chimney and louvers

    During the tune-up, fireplace technicians will inspect critical parts of the system to ensure safety. They will examine your chimney to ensure it is venting fumes without obstructions or leaks.

    One reason you must never overlook annual tune-up is to ensure your safety system is working. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, and therefore, hard to detect without specialized devices. A fireplace technician will troubleshoot carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they are working.

    Acclaimed Gas Fireplace Inspection Company

    Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO

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