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    The period right after the warmer months in Manitou Springs, CO, is the perfect time for ductwork cleaning. That’s because, without duct cleaning, the particles that collect in your ducts can have adverse effects on your system, leading to negative effects in your home.

    Ductwork Cleaning in Manitou Springs, CO

    When you schedule an appointment, there is a two-step process of inspection and cleaning. In the inspection portion, your technician may use a camera on a hose to identify anything that may obstruct the air or be harmful to breathe. Then, the cleaning is done hands-on using an agitation device to break loose any obstructing material that is then sucked out of the duct by a machine.

    Reasons for Ductwork Cleaning

    Besides your routine cleaning, there are a few other times that you should consider setting a duct cleaning appointment. The first is when you’ve recently moved into a home. Whether your home is previously owned or new, there is no way to tell what particles are lurking in the ducts.

    Reasons for Ductwork CleaningAnother reason for having your ducts cleaned is if you’ve experienced rodents and insects in your home. The droppings, dead insects, and hair potentially left behind in your ductwork are likely harmful. You can perform a check yourself if you look in the accessible part of your sheet metal ducts.

    In addition, if you’re having unexplained health issues, especially respiratory-related, your ducts may be to blame. Check the vents in your home. If you see a layer of dust forming, then your ductwork is probably worse. Having your ducts cleaned is just as much of a health task as maintaining your system.

    However, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits that cleaning your ducts will have on your system as well as your pockets. As particles and other obstructions pile up in your ducts, there are fewer opportunities for airflow. When that happens, your system will have to work harder to cool your home. That scenario causes energy efficiency to drop, costing you money and shortening the life of your system. When a technician thoroughly cleans your ducts, your home comfort, as well as your money saved, goes up.

    There are several other issues that may require more attention.
    • Low airflow
    • Signs of mold
    • Smelly furniture
    • Bad air quality

    Manitou Springs Ductwork Cleaning Experts

    For over 30 years, Home Heating Service, Inc. has been a helping hand to Manitou Springs and surrounding areas. Our building is conveniently located right across the street from Cherokee Ridge Golf Course in nearby Colorado Springs. We put the comfort of our customers first, and our team is ready to serve you.

    If you feel that your ducts are creating an uncomfortable living situation for you, call us today.