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    The duct cleaning process usually begins with a visual inspection of your ductwork in Fountain, CO. Specialized equipment is required to attain the desired results. A technician in Fountain will employ different tools for grills, fans, and vent cleaning.

    Duct Cleaning in Fountain, CO

    NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) recommends cleaning the ducts every three to five years. However, some of the recent cutting-edge techniques can yield superior results. In such cases, you can extend the period for another cleaning by up to eight years. Our professional team can provide top-notch services, from Tesla Station to Tampa Spring.

    Professional Duct Cleaning Service Fountain

    According to the EPA, your home may have between two and five times the level of pollutants outdoors. With time, contaminants can accumulate in your ductwork. Eventually, the debris will start circulating, diminishing interior comfort.

    You may want to schedule cleaning for your ducts and vents when moving to a new home in Fountain. The process is even more critical if the previous owner had pets or was a smoker.

    Additionally, new buildings may have excessive amounts of debris and dust in the ductwork. Pollutants can accumulate during the construction process. Therefore, it is advisable to organize a professional clean-up after completing renovations.

    Several factors could prompt you to organize an urgent cleaning of the air ducts.
    • Severe flu symptoms or allergy attacks
    • Visible signs of microbial growth
    • Excessive dust on registers and vents
    • Unpleasant odors and pest infestation

    Professional Duct Cleaning Service FountainYou can consult our team for a thorough clean-up process.

    Experienced professionals utilize specialized tools to loosen contaminants from the underlying structure using agitation devices. During the process, a skilled technician will place the ductwork under negative pressure. That will prevent debris from finding its way back into your HVAC system.

    Dust and debris can damage and shorten the lifespan of the components in your HVAC equipment. For that reason, our technician will access all parts of your air ducts to remove any traces of fine particles.

    After the process, our technicians will conduct a final walk-through inspection to ensure your ductwork is thoroughly clean. For optimal results, the process requires state-of-the-art tools and professional skills.

    Fountain’s Leading Vent Cleaning Specialists

    Home Heating Service, Inc. is a BBB-accredited company offering top-notch cleaning solutions in Fountain. Our team can perform a thorough cleaning of your ductwork. Our staff’s dedication to excellence has earned us the Angi Super Service Award in 2019 and 2020.

    We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, but we can fix practically any model of HVAC equipment. Our crew is known for being punctual and delivering outstanding craftsmanship for all tasks we undertake.

    You can call our locally owned and operated vent cleaning service in Fountain. We offer convenient hours and fair pricing for our services.