3 Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

November 30, 2018

Fireplace Care and Maintenance Home Heating ServiceHave you been considering a heating upgrade, but you aren’t sure if gas fireplaces are right for you? Gas fireplaces are a great heating solution for almost every style of home. They have a wide range of benefits over traditional wood burning units. This style of fireplace is safe, inexpensive to operate, and gives you a lot of design flexibility. Read on to learn more:

1. Budget-Friendly Green Heating

If you’re bracing yourself for one of Colorado’s famously chilly winters, it’s time to consider upgrading your fireplace. Gas fires have a one-time installation fee and then you can enjoy the benefits of this clean-burning and inexpensive fuel. Unlike wood fireplaces, where the temperature varies throughout the day, gas fires keep your home at an even temperature. You can also install timers for gas fireplaces, so you won’t need to keep the home piping hot when you aren’t in. This can save you money by not having periods when the house is warmer than you need.

In many areas of the country, firewood costs have skyrocketed. Also, burning firewood creates creosote, ash, and smoke. Gas fireplaces are a much cleaner burning option. They’re energy efficient and don’t rely on cutting trees for fuel.

2. Safe to Operate

Wood fires can be dangerous, especially if not regularly maintained. There’s the risk of chimney fires, burning yourself on hot surfaces, dropping logs on your foot, etc. Meanwhile, gas fireplaces can be operated at a touch. They don’t produce creosote, don’t require a chimney, and only rarely need cleaning.

3. Attractive and Stylish

Wood fireplaces limit you in their style and placement due to the chimney. Gas fireplaces give you design flexibility. They come in a variety of attractive styles to create different effects in the room.

Ready to Upgrade?

Now that you know more about gas fireplaces, it’s time to make the call to get started. Home Heating Service serves the needs of homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the surrounding areas. For three decades, our professional teams of technicians have helped homes and businesses stay warm in the coldest of months. We can assess your heating needs, discuss your options, and give you an installation estimate. A cozy, inexpensively heated house is just a call away!