Benefits of Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

August 30, 2018

As we approach summer in Colorado Springs and things really begin to heat up, even the most robust central air conditioning system can fail without proper care.

Having an efficient air conditioning system can have several benefits. Careful upgrades and maintenance can prevent your air conditioning system from failing. Keeping an eye on your home’s climate control system health also lowers monthly energy costs. Plus, it could save you a lot of money down the line by noticeably extending the life of your system.

First, How HVAC Relates to Air Conditioning

You’re probably already aware that HVAC is short for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning”. These little modern marvels of engineering make it possible for our homes to remain comfortable throughout the year. Otherwise known as “central air”, this combination of components, sometimes even entirely separate appliances work together to cool your home.

During the hottest days of summer, an air conditioner module kicks on to both cool the air and wick away excess humidity.

A remote, wall-mounted thermostat runs your system which constantly tests indoor conditions and provides commands to the air conditioning unit accordingly.

We’re Your Colorado Springs AC Maintenance Experts

With several parts operating in tandem, both electronic and mechanical, if one component begins to underperform or completely give out, you won’t be able to cool your house properly.

Here are some tips to keep your house cool all summer long.

Change Air Filters

One of the simplest ways to help keep your air conditioner functioning is to replace the air filter in recommended intervals. Alternatively, you could consider upgrading your filtration to a 5-inch-high efficiency filter for longer life and better filtration. We’d recommend you stay away from the 1 inch pleated.

Clean filters keep the air flowing freely and help your home stay cool. Their main purpose is to trap dirt, dust, and other particles, keeping them out of your system and the air in your home. At minimum you should change your filter twice a year, at the start of spring and fall.

A common summertime issue is often caused by poor air flow due to frozen evaporator coils. When less air hits the AC coils they get cold and can often condense environmental vapor into solid ice.

Air Pressure Control

Adjusting which vents are closed or open can often help you better regulate the temperature in your home.

If properly designed, your system should be balanced. A balanced system allows for air to flow from one place to another easily. Meaning the amount of air coming in is nearly equal the air leaving the space.

Air conditioning pros typically create this kind of setting by ensuring air is flowing freely. Removing all blockages present like closed doors or shut room registers. If a ventilated home still hasn’t solved the problem, there may be something else wrong.

Closed Dampers

Some homes are equipped with air dampers. These dampers can be found in your ductwork and are intended to promote the flow of air through your home. Dissimilar to registers which can be seen through their grilles, dampers are typically hidden inside ductwork itself. If you see handles or knobs on the exterior of your ducts, you may be able to rotate them from the outside. Allowing you the ability to adjust the airflow accordingly.

A Smart Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to control the temperature in your home while saving money is to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Devices with the ability to adjust the temperature of your home remotely or even on their own can greatly increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling units.

Some smart thermostats are equipped with motion sensors to tell if someone is home. They can also record how and when you adjust your settings to better match your habits.

Smart thermostats are often equipped with local weather monitoring software. This can help optimize the performance of your system.

Call the AC Maintenance Pros in Colorado Springs

Let’s be honest, sometimes we find we’re not the experts we thought we were after digging into a project. Things like extra pieces and malfunctioning equipment can be a byproduct of an overzealous do it yourselfer.

You are working on crucial components in your home. You could end up ruining the system or even voiding a warranty. When and if you finally decide to throw up your arms and find an expert, it’s probably the right decision and we’re here to help.

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