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Your Colorado Springs AC Maintenance Experts

Maximize air conditioner performance, efficiency and your comfort by having us do a complete cooling maintenance service on your equipment! Air conditioners need maintenance too!

Below are some of our A/C Performance Tune-up and System Checks:
  • Check for proper airflow at indoor and outdoor coils
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge and adjust as needed (additional refrigerant is an additional charge)
  • Inspect coils, piping, electrical wiring, and components for damage, wear and defects
  • Check and tighten all piping and electrical connections
  • Check for refrigerant leaks at coils, piping and piping joints
  • Tighten gauge port caps and valve caps
  • Oil all motors as needed
  • Measure superheat and sub-cooling if needed to insure proper operation
  • Inspect and check thermostat for proper operation

Technician Repairing and Servicing HVAC System

We also offer cleaning for your air conditioner, a standard cleaning would include:
  • Outdoor condenser coil for most units
  • Outside of outdoor condenser cabinet
  • Condenser fan motor and fan if accessible
  • Controls and electrical components (contactors, relays, capacitors, etc)
  • Wiring, wiring harness’s and electrical connections
  • Replace or clean furnace filter (standard disposable or washable 1″ filters)

Get in touch with us for all your Colorado Springs AC maintenance needs. We also offer quality AC repair and installation services, and heating maintenance too!

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