AC Filter Replacement: A Must for Homeowners

May 22, 2019

Anyone with a central air conditioning system should have the filter replaced on occasion. Homeowners may do it themselves, but a better option, especially for those without the time or inclination to tackle the job, is to set up a maintenance plan with an HVAC company and have it done as part of regular maintenance.

As for frequency, it all depends on the type of property and what goes on indoors. Your average home without pets should have its filters replaced every three months whereas a home with pets may need them replaced every two months. An HVAC company would be the best judge.

Filter Replacement Saves Money

AC filters are meant to keep dirt in the home out of the vents and the rest of the system. The dirt that clogs the filter, though, will eventually restrict airflow, causing the air handler to work harder to suck air into the vents. This burden on the system may, before anything else, cause you to see higher electricity bills.

It Prevents Breakdowns

The restricted airflow may strain the compressor and cause it to overheat. Dirt may pass through the filters and coat the condenser coils. The extra insulation that the dirt provides will prevent the refrigerant coursing through the coils from absorbing all the heat, causing the system to blow out lukewarm air.

In the long run, filter replacement can help prevent breakdowns, which, as we all know, come at an exorbitant cost and with much inconvenience.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air filters trap pollutants like dander, pet hair, and germs, but a dirty filter cannot. It should be remembered that pollutants from outside, especially pollen, will circulate through the vents as well, compromising indoor air quality and causing allergies to act up.

The Importance of Professional Help

Home Heating Service, Inc. can send out NATE-certified technicians to your home in Colorado Springs to provide a tune-up, which will include an air filter replacement. We’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award numerous times from 2009 onward, so you can trust the quality of our work. Call today if you need any heating, cooling, water heater, or indoor air quality services or you would like a home upgrade.