3 Unusual HVAC System Sounds That Are Cause for Concern

March 18, 2019

No one wants the unwelcome surprise of strange and unusual sounds emanating from the HVAC system. Sometimes these noises can be caused by fairly minor issues, but sometimes they can be heralds of major repairs. Either way, it is important to deal with them quickly before they become more serious. At Home Heating Service, Inc., we’re well-versed in dealing with all types of heating and cooling issues. We can discover the reason behind these unexplained noises.

1. Clicking

It is normal for your HVAC system to make clicking noises when it is first starting, but continued clicking can indicate a faulty relay or a bad electrical connection in the relay. If electrical control is having an issue, it can cause the relay to fail. Our technicians at Home Heating Service, Inc. in Colorado Springs can check your system and replace these components if necessary.

2. Rattling and Banging

Rattling and banging can often indicate a problem with a bearing or a fan belt. If it is a belt, it needs to be replaced before it breaks. If it is not a belt, it may be that the system needs a fresh coat of lubricant. It could even be something loose inside your ductwork. Our professionals can determine the source and fix any issues your cooling or heating system may be experiencing.

3. Whapping or “Thwapping”

Any type of “thwapping” sound usually means there is a problem with the motor or blower assembly. It could indicate that the motor is loosened and misaligned or that there are broken or disconnected components moving around inside it. In this situation, it is important to have your system checked before there is further damage.

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